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¡Muchísimas Gracias!
Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to play Lotería with us November 7, 2022!  We had a great time raising funds for our 3rd Building! Thank you to those who donated auction items, bid on items, bought raffle tickets or Lotería cards, and made donations to our GoFundMe!

Your support of our co-op is amazing! Thank you for helping us create a path for more people to STAY in Pilsen!

Couldn't make it to Lotería Night? Want to give more? Here's your link!

LoteriaNight_Fundraiser for the Pilsen Housing Cooperative
Please show lots of love to the artists and businesses who donated to PIHCO! 

Arturo Barrera

Atlan Arceo-Witzl,

Avon (Eugenia Silverio),

Billy Favata,

Cafe Jumping Bean,

Chicago Athletic Clubs,

City Mini Golf,

Dark Matter Coffee,

Diana Solís,

Diane Green,

Duk Ju L. Kim,

El Paseo Community Garden ,

Elena Diadenko,

Energía del Corazón Cósmico/ Liz Arizbeth Rojas,

Eric J. Garcia,

Gabriel Villa ,

GringoLandia Studio (Mark Nelson),

Hector Duarte,

Hol Health Studio ,


Ignotz Ristorante,

John Pitman Weber,

Jose Aleman Sasieta,

Koval Distillery,

Marcus Akinlana ,

Mariachi México Vivo,

Mary Hazboun,

Mathias Spider Schergen,

Montserrat Alsina,

Naty Cakes y Mas Bakery (Rosa Isela Martinez),

Nicole Marroquin,

Pilsen Community Books,

Pirecua Duarte,

Rebecca Wolfram,

Rene H Arceo,

Salvador J. Vega ,

Salvador Jiménez-Flores,

Saúl Aguirre,

Snap Yourself! (Jonathan Castillo),

Susan Mullen,

Wendy Clinard,

Working Bikes,

Zanies Comedy Club,

GoFundMe for PIHCO's 3rd Building

Couldn't make it to Lotería Night? Want to give more? Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign!

To inquire about making a larger donation, please send us an email.

Go Fund Me pic_3rd Building.jpg
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